About DSF

The Danish Sports Merchant Association was founded on October 22, 1939

DSF represents companies in sports such as independent stores, voluntary chain stores, capital chain stores and chain offices.

DSF works to improve the professional and educational conditions of the industry.

DSF is the political spokesman in the industry and is actively working to protect the political interests of its members in order to influence and influence business law in the areas that affect our members' daily lives.

DSF's affiliation with the Danish Business Association makes it possible to offer professional advice to the members within, among other things. personnel and business law matters.

DSF's objectives are:

  • To pursue common interests in improving the professional, educational and financial conditions of the sports industry.
  • To protect the interests of the sports industry in relation to legislation, authorities and other organizations.
  • To provide service to members, including through information on business and labor market conditions.
  • To be a natural hub for joint projects in the sports industry.
  • To initiate and / or participate in activities that are of interest to the membership circle or parts thereof.
  • To work for the development of the sports industry and for the establishment of communities of interest or other forms of cooperation.
  • To help position the sports industry's attitudes with a constructive image to the press, politicians and consumers.
  • Tp be a coordinator and managing joint projects in the sports industry.